Mainstreaming Gender within DPO’s

DIWA implements a UNWOMEN (former UNIFEM) funded project within the Gender Support Programme in Zimbabwe. One of the objectives of this project is to improve the leadership and participation of disabled women within Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs) in Zimbabwe, and to promote the implementation of action plans on Gender mainstreaming.

The rationale for this project is that although disabled women are working at different levels within the Disability Movement in Zimbabwe, they are not equally recognized. Currently 12 Disabled People’s Organizations (DPO’s) are organized under the Federation of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities in Zimbabwe (FODPZ). But until the DIWA project made a change, FODPZ was lacking a women’s structure. The effect of it was that disabled women’s demands were not equally considered within DPOs programmes and policies. But during this project women made a move towards a national structure of women with disabilities. An interim committee was appointed that comprises female representatives of all Zimbabwean DPOs. This Committee is supposed now to lead the women until a General Assembly allows proper elections.

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